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irish_icons's Journal

Irish Icons
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Welcome to the Irish Icons LiveJournal Community!

Please read the guidelines before joining.

Purpose: To encourage the making and sharing of LJ user icons with Irish themes.

**Icons should be related to Irish themes, people, places, history, arts, items, sayings, and so on. Northern Irish, Gaelic, and Celtic themes are included.

Use LJ-cuts...
(a) when there are more than 3 icons in a single post,
(b) when posting a large image,
(c) or when posting any material (text or image) that may be inappropriate for young or sensitive users, i.e. rated 12's (PG-13) or higher.

**Post comments to creators when partaking of their work, and give credit if you post it or link it elsewhere.

**Membership is open to any LJ user. However, the moderator reserves the privilege of deleting inappropriate posts without notice and of banning any excessively disruptive users. "Keep it clean and legal!"

moderator: queserasarah

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